LASD COVID-19 Update to Cities (04.22.2020)

A/S Gross – Welcome, good afternoon

  • Continuing to closely monitor crime statistics
  • The crime stats are down in all areas this week (compared to same period last year)
    • Aggravated Assaults down 8%
    • Burglaries down 11%
    • 10% decrease in calls for service
      • 11% increase in Domestic Violence calls for service, however:
      • No change in domestic violence arrests over this time last year
    • Safer at home enforcement
      • 11 Citations in the last week, total of 30 citations, and 1 arrest to date (previously reported)
    • Personnel Status
      • 343 currently quarantined (down from 429 quarantined last week)
      • 57 total confirmed cases (increase from 33 total reported last week)
      • 493 total employees returned to work (increase from 230 total reported last week)
      • Department personnel testing (conducted by Sheriff employees)
        • 421 tested
        • Test at home or drive thru location
      • Patrol Initiatives
        • Elderly Checks
          • Stations will identify convalescent homes and assisted living facilities within their area and check on them weekly.
          • Deputies will make contact with facility manager to ensure they have sufficient food and supplies
          • If they need assistance, the patrol deputies will log the info, give it to the DOC, and it will forward to the County Operations Center
        • Juvenile Checks (out of school)
          • Process not yet finalized, but will have more info next week
        • County Quarantine and Isolation Facilities
          • Department of Health protocols finalized
            • Medical staff, private security, and disaster service workers on location
            • Deescalate any conflict at those sites, educate personnel being quarantined.
            • Call law enforcement if the patient become violent or commits any crime necessitating an arrest
          • Operation Room Key
            • Sheriff’s Department has not been participating in location sites
            • We are finding out about them like the cities are
            • We will continue to support the cities and police locations in contract cities
          • Patrol
            • Delivering all services cities expect through their contact
            • Directed patrols:
              • Homeless and at risk populations
              • Parks, trails, beaches, closed businesses, shopping centers (open)
            • Enforcement protocols are not changing (warn advise, cite, and arrest as last resort)
            • No significant problems with protestors
            • Order in place until May 15, 2020
          • County Plan for Relaxing orders
            • 4 Elements to Plan
              • Sufficient hospital capacity
              • Protection for vulnerable populations
              • Testing capacity
              • Able to ensure social distancing

A/S Limon

  • Video arraignment
    • At 13 patrol stations
    • Reduce number of people going to court
    • Good progress, expect fully operational next week

Marcel Rodarte

  • Call regarding Project Room Key
    • Thursday at noon (city managers meeting)

A/S Gross

  • Sheriff is committed to filling vacancies
    • Lieutenant and sergeant promotions
  • Monitoring patrol vacancies and working to get those down as low as possible
  • We’ll keep everyone informed