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Legislative Platform

The California Contract Cities Association represents 76 cities throughout Southern California. For over 60 years, Contract Cities has served as an advocate and unified voice for its member cities on both the local and state level. Through collaborative government, Contract Cities has successfully protected and enhanced the quality of life for eight million residents.

2019 Legislative Priorities

Cities are directly accountable to their communities. Local control allows community members a direct voice in choosing programs and services that best fit their needs. Contract Cities supports and defends the rights of local governments to protect their ability to contract services, acting locally and effectively for their communities.

Pension Reform

  • Supports increased flexibility for cities to negotiate with CalPERS to address the $153 billion shortfall that considers cities’ financial status to meet pension obligations.


  • Supports local and regional efforts to collect sales tax revenue from online sales of goods to municipalities.
  • Contract Cities will evaluate any potential tax reform measures.

 Overconcentration of Sober Living Facilities

  • Supports reform efforts of sober living facilities that would return regulatory authority to local governments, including, but not limited to the operations, licensing, and consumer protection standards that protect patients and cities.

 Right-of-way Agreements for Utility Facilities

  • Defends the rights of cities to retain local authority over public property, including the right to negotiate its use in right-of-way agreements.

Public Safety

  • Supports measures that further assist in reducing crime and recidivism to help improve public safety and reduce liability to cities, while incorporating public safety best practices and increasing collaboration with other entities.
  • Supports practical and needed reforms to AB 109, Proposition 47, and Proposition 57 that reduces serial theft and overall impact of crime in cities.


  • Supports legislative efforts to bridge the funding gap in housing and other solutions that allow innovation and flexibility.

Land Use & Development

  • Opposes any action that would relinquish local control over land use policy.


  • Supports the fair allocation of transportation funding that ensures the repair of existing infrastructure and to create alternative forms of transportation.

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

  • CCA’s provide a competitive alternative over investor-owned utility sources for cities, businesses, and residents to purchase renewable energy.
  • CCA’s create innovative plans for those wishing to expand use of renewable energy sources.
  • Contract Cities supports the rights of cities and communities to join CCAs.
  • Contract Cities opposes any attempts to limit creation of CCA’s, hamper their ability to enroll customers, or to unfairly shift costs to CCA customers.

 Water Infrastructure

  • Contract Cities supports the preservation, protection, and access of clean water from polluted dry-weather and urban runoff, pursuant to each cities’ respective MS4 permits that result in the capture and infiltration of stormwater into local aquifers and related compensations; and
  • Supports practical, feasible, and affordable solutions to meet mandatory compliance of water quality andtreatment standards, notwithstanding prior agreements that otherwise limit cities ability to undertake such activities.